Movie and Music: Progressive Dinner Style

Our regular space for EPICC days was not available this week so we had a progressive dinner style of day. We started the day at Sunstone Gardens community centre. What a fabulous space this is! We were all impressed with their facilities, particularly the small cinema in which we watched the movie Inside Out. The only thing missing was the snacks to eat while watching the movie. In organising the event, these were totally forgotten.

The movie was enjoyed by all: young and old. This event could not have happened without the support of Sunstone Gardens management, Veronika Marinos and Phil the DVD man. EPICC participants had written words of thanks to you all.

Thank you for letting us watch a movie called Inside Out in the movie theatre and thank you for letting us have our morning tea and lunch here. We would love to come back again soon. Thank you very much Phil and  the manager of Sunstone Garden for letting us watch movies here today.


I want to thank you, Sunstone Gardens and to you, Veronika, for letting us use the movie theatre. I especially want to thank Phil for putting the movie on for us to watch. Without him, we wouldn’t be able to watch it. Thanks, Phil!


To Sunstone, Phil and Veronica  Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness you have exhibited in allowing us to use your facilities to watch a movie in total comfort. We were met with total acceptance by Phil and he showed genuine care going above what was necessary to ensure our comfort. Once again, thank you. And thank you Veronica for diligently organising the morning.

So appreciated Adrian

I want to thank the management of Sunstone Gardens for allowing EPICC participants to use the movie theatre. Special thanks to Phil for working the theatre.


After watching the movie, EPICC participants discussed the movie and their opinions of it. Subsequently, they wrote a review of Inside Out.

Michael’s Review

Inside Out is about a young girl named, Reilly, and what she went through when her family moved to San Francisco. But here’s the twist: It is from the emotions’ perspective – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. These five emotions help Reilly make decisions as she adapts to a new life. When something went wrong in Headquarters, where the emotions live, Joy and Sadness were sucked out of Headquarters and into Long Term Memory. Now, they must get back to Headquarters before Reilly makes the wrong decision.

Full of fun and craziness, I believe all families will enjoy this movie because they can have fun along with the kids.

Sammy’s Review

Inside Out is a movie about a girl who has a family, a mum and dad and a house, who moves away to a new home in San Francisco. Joy, sadness, angry, fear and disgust were the emotions in the girl’s head.

Some of my COMPASS friends would like this movie. It was very funny and interesting.

I really like the movie, Inside Out. The movie felt about the same as about my feelings in my head and in my life.


Adrian’s Review

This movie is suitable for anyone and everyone.  It explores the complexity of human emotions and each of their roles and their necessity to have a well rounded emotional intelligence. While the story revolves around an 11 year old girl named Riley, learning the difficulties of adapting to moving away to a new town with new school teachers, peers, a new house and a less present father than before, adult viewers can identify with the emotions on a higher level and understanding particularly I think with the feeling of loneliness and inevitably the lack of emotion totally. The film personifies the emotions of joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear and explores their experiences of learning to embrace the importance of each of their roles in achieving to support Riley. This film is creative, funny and clever, but also rings true to the human experience and tugs on your heartstrings and sense of childhood nostalgia. For Inside Out, I have given four out of five only because of a few minor plot holes when you really delve into it.


Jackie’s Review

This movie Inside Out is suitable for young people interested in young people and their feelings. I enjoyed watching this movie because it was informative and funny.
This movie tells the story of Reilly.
Her family moves to a new town.
I would rate it 5 out of 5.