EPICC 17 March 2017 Creative writing

Man riding a chicken

There was a crazy man who was always experimenting with chemicals and plants and animals. Don’t get me wrong, he loved animals and would always try them on him first. He had created many weird items to use in his house or out in the paddock. Dr Doolittle was his hero and he so wanted to talk with the animals. He had dogs cats chickens frogs toads horses goats and a pig. A bear lived in the forest behind his farm. The animals loved Crazy Laurie but they knew when he went to his laboratory it was a good time to disappear.

Crazy Laurie went there often and often there were loud explosions. He often would come running out with his shirt on fire or his whole face would be a different colour. Sometimes his beard would stay coloured for ages.

He liked the colours and one day the goats weren’t quick enough at getting away. He developed a small capsule that exploded beautiful colours when popped. The goats were horrified when they saw their goatees and tails looked like rainbows. They kept scaring themselves when they looked behind. The colours weren’t natural.

This day Crazy Laurie had been locked away for a long time in his cave as he called it. The animals even the goats were getting worried about him. When he emerged he looked normal for him except he looked downcast. He didn’t even lock the door. He always locked the door. He didn’t even notice the animals. Something was very wrong.

When he’d gone into the house they decided to have a look at what he had been doing. They all crowded in but there were so many of them they knocked things over. Some of the things that landed on the floor looked and smelled so good. The horse and bear (When did he sneak in?) started to nibble the pellets on the bench. They were so tasty they couldn’t stop eating them. The dogs could just get their tongues up on the bench to also partake in the goodies. The goats found what looked like hay and started munching away. The rest of the animals except the cat found nibblies and started munching.

They were so busy eating they didn’t notice what was happening to them. Then they did notice. The dogs horse and bear noticed they were shrinking when they could no longer reach the bench. The goats were totally covered in colour. The toad and frog became friendly. The chickens became the size of the bear. That’s when Crazy Laurie came in.

The animals all froze and stared at him. He could not believe what he was looking at. The animals decided leaving was a good idea. Some like the horse and bear could easily run through his legs. They all ran out but when the first chicken tried to run though his legs it lifted him up onto its back. As they flew out the door with Crazy Laurie riding the chicken followed by the colourful goats the farm had taken on a totally different look. Where would it go from here?

by Tyler Davis-Babaravich

Tiny Peter and the plump brown chook

Peter woke up one morning in what he thought was a giant bed with giant pillows. He climbed down from it very carefully. It was like mountain climbing.
Downstairs the furniture was huge. In the kitchen his parents were enormous giants.
He must have shrunk. Oh no.
He went outside. The pot plants outside the back door were like trees. The parsley plant was a tropical jungle schrub.
Suddenly his beautiful pet dog Rover ambled up. Instead of being happy to see him, giant Rover bared his enormous teeth and growled.
Peter turned and ran. Rover chased.
Rover was too fast for Peters tiny legs. He ran into the chook pen. Rover followed, barking.
Peter, in his panic, leapt on to a plump brown hen. ‘Run Chooky, run’ he cried. And run she did.
They ran away to the very end of the garden and into the shed.
‘Now I am safe’ he thought. ‘But only for now. How am I going to get back to my normal size?’
The brown hen sat down on him and fluffed up her feathers. It was warm and comforting.
‘Perhaps I’ll stay here for now’ thought Peter, snuggling up in the feathers.

by Jackie Irwin