Franky’s strange rodeo, by Adrian

Franky was positive that he must be dreaming. Or high… Very very high. Both were distinctly possible. Perhaps he should have laid off of those special cookies. All frankly knew for sure was that what he was seeing made very little realistic or logical sense. He certainly did not remember feeding his mothers hens any of his super growth hormone powder, and besides, even that could not possibly account for the spectacle before him. Ten foot chickens pecking away at the trees, now that was a sight to behold. 

Franky called out “chook,chook,chook,” as he did every morning to gain their attention before giving them more feed and collecting their eggs. The hens turned as one and narrowed their eyes as if assessing whether he was a threat, or perhaps food. They made up their collective mind and began to stampede towards Franky who was frozen in fear and shock at his own stupidity. At the very last second, he snapped out of his stupor and flung his body up and onto one of the approaching chickens. Landing squarely on one chickens back, he could not quite believe he had pulled that off. Franky let out a whoop of victory as he clung on with one hand in fear of falling. 

“Franky!” He heard his mother shout angrily at him, “Get off the damn chicken, you’ll squash her to death!”

Squash a ten foot chicken? She must be dreaming! Then Franky looked down and realised that he was in fact sitting squarely on his poor old average sized hen who was squawking…. Well more like shrieking under him. 

Yep, time to give up those special cookies, Franky thought to himself as he rolled over onto the ground and promptly fell asleep in the shade, much to his mother’s annoyance.