EPICC Task- fun with video

Wow! What an experience! We wrote a short film, organized how to film it and did so. We are all disabled so this was a massive task. The focus was on proving people with disabilities have abilities. Never doubting our capabilities we launched into this film. We used a green screen which was new to us and weird. We dressed up and had make up done. It was an amazing experience. I loved having my hair up and being dressed up in costume. Some of the movements were hard for me but I did my best. The final movie is funny. I thought it would be more serious than it is. I want to encourage people to view our movie. (Jackie)

The  EPICC task was just as the name implies. A task for sure but one that taught us a lot about filmmaking, and the process behind the final product. It taught us all also that we are all gifted and talented in different ways but when combined we can create a comedic masterpiece. Personally, I learnt I am not an actor but a great director. I’m grateful to have been a part of this movie. (Adrian)