Partner writing (Adrian, Jackie and Tyler)

Jackie and Adrian are out to highjack the EPICC Maleny website. Freedom fighters need to do this kind of work. Sharing their talents, gifts and thoughts allows them to shape the reality they wish to see. No longer will they tolerate boring words. No longer shall they tolerate dull and ignorant thoughts or actions to pollute the atmosphere. Watch out world here they come!! They are standing on the edge of the cliff called Freedom, and they are not afraid.
Jackie and Adrian are two young people with disabilities. They might have disabilities, but their abilities far outweigh their limitations. They want to highjack the EPICC Maleny website and stop the administrator Deb from overwriting their work. Jackie and Adrian want to promote all they are capable of without boring stuffy descriptions casting shadows over their true potential. The challenge begins.
Deb never leaves her computer. Jackie and Adrian conspire to lure her away but Deb is dedicated to her mission. Damn! She is like a bulldog with a bone! Jackie has the ingenious idea to pretend to be in a panic and to call out for Deb’s help. Surely Deb will come running. Yes it worked but she knows how to calm Jackie down. Adrian frantically attempts to access the website but is dismayed to realise that Deb has logged out before running to Jackie's aid. Fooled! Deb comes back to her desk to see Windows displayed. Her computer had been meddled with. She sends for security. Adrian and Jackie believe that security would never suspect them of foul play but decide that perhaps they need a better plan.
Security arrive and begin a scan. However, just as our heroes expected, the security completely overlook Adrian and Jackie presenting them with another opportunity. By gosh they were lucky! They set out to solve the password. Jackie searched Deb’s workspace for clues, while Adrian documented them and began to work on combinations that would be likely but yet not obvious choices for a password. Suddenly, Adrian yelled “Yahoo. I think I have got it!”
“We are doomed,” thought Jackie.
“What? Just when I figured it out?”
“We need someone with special skills to use your information,” bemoaned Jackie.
“Right. Let's call in our friend Tyler. I hear she is a whizz at hacking,” replied Adrian.
Jackie phoned Tyler. “Hello? Hello? Tyler, are you there?”
“Yes I am. How can I help?”
“We need your expertise in hacking,” said Jackie.
As Adrian and Jackie filled Tyler in, they observed with smirks as security kept Deb away from her work station.
“Where is this computer?” said Tyler.
“We will get you linked in remotely,” replied Jackie.
“Do it ASAP.”
“We will,” replied Jackie.
“What do you want me to do?”
“We will send instructions via email.”
They hung up the phone.
Adrian and Jackie sent the email saying, ‘Once you have gained access to the computer and the EPICC website block out the administrator Deb so that we can make some drastic changes.’
‘This won’t be easy. Give me some time. Maybe half an hour,’ replied Tyler.
Adrian and Jackie thought that half an hour was pretty quick and decided to keep Deb distracted while they waited so she couldn’t make any dumb posts.
“Great plan, Adrian,” said Jackie with a giggle.
Jackie thought they should ask Deb’s help with their iPads and Deb quickly agreed.
Meanwhile, Tyler found gaining access to the computer and website was really easy. Blocking Deb was much more of a challenge. Tyler was stubborn however, and persisted through Deb’s tricky security codes. After several tedious minutes, she gave a massive YAHOO as she solved them. She sent an email to Adrian and Jackie confirming this.
Adrian and Jackie smiled victoriously and sent Deb back to her computer. Deb could not stop them now. As Adrain and Jackie did a happy dance, they heard Deb’s voice yell out a resigned “Nooooo, I’ve been hacked!” Adrian and Jackie snickered. Deb was groaning loudly. It was the perfect plan. As Deb watched her screen in defeat, she saw that the website was updating the content with articles of vivid imagery and bright thoughts of consciousness. “What on earth?”
Adrian and Jackie felt courageous and powerful. Their friend Tyler was delighted for them. Tyler came round to meet with them. She just wanted to be part of the high fives that celebrated their success. Adrian, Jackie and Tyler felt proud of what they had achieved but, in their hearts, they hoped that, in time, Deb would realise her mistakes and get on board their train of progress.
Reflection on partner writing
I loved writing as part of a team. It is a great way to develop ideas, but it is also challenging. Sometimes I had an idea but had to change because someone else took a different story path. We were good at supporting each other. Our story writing was hilarious at times. Thanks Deb for showing us another way to write. (Jackie)
I love it as a way to get thought flowing. (Adrian)