Improving narrative writing goal

One of our goals this term was to improve the quality of the body part of our narratives. We all felt confident that we can write good 'sizzling starts', but found we got bogged down when it came to writing the body section of stories.

Deb introduced to us the Seven Steps to Writing, Narrative Story Graph. If you want to know more about this, read this article: Seven Steps to Writing Narrative Story Graph

We have been experimenting with using this structure to guide us in our partner writing experiences.

Check out our latest writing posts and tell us what you think.

Reflections on using the Seven Steps Narrative Story Graph

It is simple but powerful. (Jackie)

Yes, it is helpful. I feel clear on how to write my story. (Adrian)

Another partner writing experience …

The autumn colours hide the tragedy. The dry leaves blew along the ground under the trees. Nobody will find the body. The brown, red and yellow leaves hid a macabre secret. The wind blew gently. There were more than enough leaves to cover the evidence, I was sure. Once the winter snow fell, all signs would be covered. When the spring comes, I’ll be gone.

It was a bizarre chance meeting. They seemed on the surface to have nothing in common. I wasn't even supposed to have been there. I took a wrong turn and got lost. I needed directions. When I discovered the old house, I was glad. Night was closing in fast. Though there a strong feeling of danger in the pit of my stomach, it wasn’t strong enough to make me keep going. My mistake!

I knocked on the door and, after a while, I heard footsteps inside the house. The footsteps were heavy as if walking was a labour. They were slightly uneven. As the door swung open, I began to regret stopping here. Before me was a deformed creature who had had his whole body and face rearranged into a grotesque looking being. “Help me. Help me,” he whispered to me hoarsely. “There is a nasty ruler of this house keeping me hostage.”
“But I was coming to you for help.”
“Perhaps we could assist each other,” he said smiling awkwardly, showing where his teeth were missing.
In spite of his looks, I didn’t think he would hurt me. It wasn’t him I had to worry about. But I didn’t know that.

I followed him inside. He warned me to be very quiet. There was so little light down the hall, I hoped I wouldn't trip or step on something. Anything could be possible here, I fear. Suddenly, a loud voice boomed from a back room. It was cruel and insistent. I jumped and almost knocked my guide into the wall. He grabbed my arm and opening a door pushed me into a small room, closing it behind him. It was pitch black! I stifled my urge to scream. Dare I try the door handle? Or maybe it was safer to just wait? How long might that be? My question was answered by the loud voice getting closer. I couldn’t feel anything to hide behind. I was frozen with fear. There was a sound of blows rendered upon the fellow who had let me in. I knew that it was him as he tried to stifle his groans. Was I next? What could I do? Was this beating because of me? Then it stopped.

I stumbled in the dark and discovered a disused fireplace. There were tools beside it, heavy tools. As the door opened, I shimmied up into the fireplace hoping I could hold my weight there without being noticed. I stayed in that sooty space holding on and holding my breath. Just as I was sure I’d pass out, the door closed again. My guide must have been kicked as the aggressor went back towards the other room. That confirmed that they were not lurking in this room. His shouting voice became more muffled as he disappeared to a distant room. I slid down from the fireplace. I was trembling all over. I transferred a heavy fireplace tool out of the rack and swapped it to my right hand.

I snuck out of the room. I could barely see his hulk lying on the floor. I tiptoed to his immobile form, holding my breath afraid that to breathe would inform the other entity who haunted this man. As I knelt beside him, the blood trickled from his eye. Coming to this place was a bad mistake! I wanted to leave this creepy place. I could just run but he had taken that beating for me. He was a victim and needed more help than me. Was he even alive? He groaned which gave me relief, though part of me wondered if he wouldn't be better off dead. Gripping my weapon, I resolutely determined to my own sense of morality I could not leave. I began to stalk my prey in hopes that I could disable him quickly, so I could call for help. I did remember we were a long way from anywhere. I wouldn't even know what address to give anyone. That was a very chilling thought.

My guide groaned behind me. I heard some strange scuffles from the room ahead of me and I shakily began to creep towards the nasty piece of work responsible for the battered body now behind me. I gripped my weapon tighter determined to avenge my guide. I paused outside of the door, out of sight, trying to ascertain where he was positioned in the room. A thump told me he was to my right somewhere. I crouched ready to attack. I didn’t even know the size of my adversary. At what height, should I strike? I would only have one chance. The groan behind me strengthened my courage. As I lunged forward, I stumbled at the sight before me. My gaze fell on the small form of a child, however, his eyes glowed bright in the darkened room. I had raised the metal rod in my hand. At his sight, I hesitated. An arm came over my shoulder with such strength the rod struck with such force the creature in front of me was almost halved right through.

I had not heard my guide come up behind me. It was our shared mission that helped us help each other. I could not tear my eyes from the gruesome sight in front of me but I could hear my guide’s voice speaking to me in hushed reassuring tones though words fail to comprehend. “We need to get the blood cleaned up.” Finally, it sunk it. “People use this as a holiday house. This would not be a good look.” His words were starting to make sense. I had the twisted idea to simply roll the small body up in the blood soaked rug and drag all of the evidence out in one foul swoop. He had found a garbage bag that would make the job easier. I couldn’t move. He had it all done in no time. So we dragged the body to the property perimeter where he assured me he would deal with the final touches to keep the body from discovery for quite a many months.

When we returned to the house, I spied a mop and bucket and went to the hallway. I could handle that bloody mess. He assured me he would be okay now. He has a room out the back when people are there. He told me that I needed to get going. His sudden hug reassured me, he would be fine. I was glad to escape. As the sun started to peek above the horizon, he had told me the best route so I gunned the engine and sped off.

The autumn colours hide the tragedy. The dry leaves blew along the ground under the trees. Nobody will find the body. The brown, red and yellow leaves hid a macabre secret. The wind blew gently. There were more than enough leaves to cover the evidence, I was sure. Once the winter snow fell, all signs would be covered. When the spring comes, I’ll be gone.

It was not the tragedy of the dead, but of the grim creature that was left behind that would haunt me forever.

Partner writing (Adrian, Jackie and Tyler)

Jackie and Adrian are out to highjack the EPICC Maleny website. Freedom fighters need to do this kind of work. Sharing their talents, gifts and thoughts allows them to shape the reality they wish to see. No longer will they tolerate boring words. No longer shall they tolerate dull and ignorant thoughts or actions to pollute the atmosphere. Watch out world here they come!! They are standing on the edge of the cliff called Freedom, and they are not afraid.
Jackie and Adrian are two young people with disabilities. They might have disabilities, but their abilities far outweigh their limitations. They want to highjack the EPICC Maleny website and stop the administrator Deb from overwriting their work. Jackie and Adrian want to promote all they are capable of without boring stuffy descriptions casting shadows over their true potential. The challenge begins.
Deb never leaves her computer. Jackie and Adrian conspire to lure her away but Deb is dedicated to her mission. Damn! She is like a bulldog with a bone! Jackie has the ingenious idea to pretend to be in a panic and to call out for Deb’s help. Surely Deb will come running. Yes it worked but she knows how to calm Jackie down. Adrian frantically attempts to access the website but is dismayed to realise that Deb has logged out before running to Jackie's aid. Fooled! Deb comes back to her desk to see Windows displayed. Her computer had been meddled with. She sends for security. Adrian and Jackie believe that security would never suspect them of foul play but decide that perhaps they need a better plan.
Security arrive and begin a scan. However, just as our heroes expected, the security completely overlook Adrian and Jackie presenting them with another opportunity. By gosh they were lucky! They set out to solve the password. Jackie searched Deb’s workspace for clues, while Adrian documented them and began to work on combinations that would be likely but yet not obvious choices for a password. Suddenly, Adrian yelled “Yahoo. I think I have got it!”
“We are doomed,” thought Jackie.
“What? Just when I figured it out?”
“We need someone with special skills to use your information,” bemoaned Jackie.
“Right. Let's call in our friend Tyler. I hear she is a whizz at hacking,” replied Adrian.
Jackie phoned Tyler. “Hello? Hello? Tyler, are you there?”
“Yes I am. How can I help?”
“We need your expertise in hacking,” said Jackie.
As Adrian and Jackie filled Tyler in, they observed with smirks as security kept Deb away from her work station.
“Where is this computer?” said Tyler.
“We will get you linked in remotely,” replied Jackie.
“Do it ASAP.”
“We will,” replied Jackie.
“What do you want me to do?”
“We will send instructions via email.”
They hung up the phone.
Adrian and Jackie sent the email saying, ‘Once you have gained access to the computer and the EPICC website block out the administrator Deb so that we can make some drastic changes.’
‘This won’t be easy. Give me some time. Maybe half an hour,’ replied Tyler.
Adrian and Jackie thought that half an hour was pretty quick and decided to keep Deb distracted while they waited so she couldn’t make any dumb posts.
“Great plan, Adrian,” said Jackie with a giggle.
Jackie thought they should ask Deb’s help with their iPads and Deb quickly agreed.
Meanwhile, Tyler found gaining access to the computer and website was really easy. Blocking Deb was much more of a challenge. Tyler was stubborn however, and persisted through Deb’s tricky security codes. After several tedious minutes, she gave a massive YAHOO as she solved them. She sent an email to Adrian and Jackie confirming this.
Adrian and Jackie smiled victoriously and sent Deb back to her computer. Deb could not stop them now. As Adrain and Jackie did a happy dance, they heard Deb’s voice yell out a resigned “Nooooo, I’ve been hacked!” Adrian and Jackie snickered. Deb was groaning loudly. It was the perfect plan. As Deb watched her screen in defeat, she saw that the website was updating the content with articles of vivid imagery and bright thoughts of consciousness. “What on earth?”
Adrian and Jackie felt courageous and powerful. Their friend Tyler was delighted for them. Tyler came round to meet with them. She just wanted to be part of the high fives that celebrated their success. Adrian, Jackie and Tyler felt proud of what they had achieved but, in their hearts, they hoped that, in time, Deb would realise her mistakes and get on board their train of progress.
Reflection on partner writing
I loved writing as part of a team. It is a great way to develop ideas, but it is also challenging. Sometimes I had an idea but had to change because someone else took a different story path. We were good at supporting each other. Our story writing was hilarious at times. Thanks Deb for showing us another way to write. (Jackie)
I love it as a way to get thought flowing. (Adrian)

EPICC Task- fun with video

Wow! What an experience! We wrote a short film, organized how to film it and did so. We are all disabled so this was a massive task. The focus was on proving people with disabilities have abilities. Never doubting our capabilities we launched into this film. We used a green screen which was new to us and weird. We dressed up and had make up done. It was an amazing experience. I loved having my hair up and being dressed up in costume. Some of the movements were hard for me but I did my best. The final movie is funny. I thought it would be more serious than it is. I want to encourage people to view our movie. (Jackie)

The  EPICC task was just as the name implies. A task for sure but one that taught us a lot about filmmaking, and the process behind the final product. It taught us all also that we are all gifted and talented in different ways but when combined we can create a comedic masterpiece. Personally, I learnt I am not an actor but a great director. I’m grateful to have been a part of this movie. (Adrian)


Franky’s strange rodeo, by Adrian

Franky was positive that he must be dreaming. Or high… Very very high. Both were distinctly possible. Perhaps he should have laid off of those special cookies. All frankly knew for sure was that what he was seeing made very little realistic or logical sense. He certainly did not remember feeding his mothers hens any of his super growth hormone powder, and besides, even that could not possibly account for the spectacle before him. Ten foot chickens pecking away at the trees, now that was a sight to behold. 

Franky called out “chook,chook,chook,” as he did every morning to gain their attention before giving them more feed and collecting their eggs. The hens turned as one and narrowed their eyes as if assessing whether he was a threat, or perhaps food. They made up their collective mind and began to stampede towards Franky who was frozen in fear and shock at his own stupidity. At the very last second, he snapped out of his stupor and flung his body up and onto one of the approaching chickens. Landing squarely on one chickens back, he could not quite believe he had pulled that off. Franky let out a whoop of victory as he clung on with one hand in fear of falling. 

“Franky!” He heard his mother shout angrily at him, “Get off the damn chicken, you’ll squash her to death!”

Squash a ten foot chicken? She must be dreaming! Then Franky looked down and realised that he was in fact sitting squarely on his poor old average sized hen who was squawking…. Well more like shrieking under him. 

Yep, time to give up those special cookies, Franky thought to himself as he rolled over onto the ground and promptly fell asleep in the shade, much to his mother’s annoyance.

EPICC 17 March 2017 Creative writing

Man riding a chicken

There was a crazy man who was always experimenting with chemicals and plants and animals. Don’t get me wrong, he loved animals and would always try them on him first. He had created many weird items to use in his house or out in the paddock. Dr Doolittle was his hero and he so wanted to talk with the animals. He had dogs cats chickens frogs toads horses goats and a pig. A bear lived in the forest behind his farm. The animals loved Crazy Laurie but they knew when he went to his laboratory it was a good time to disappear.

Crazy Laurie went there often and often there were loud explosions. He often would come running out with his shirt on fire or his whole face would be a different colour. Sometimes his beard would stay coloured for ages.

He liked the colours and one day the goats weren’t quick enough at getting away. He developed a small capsule that exploded beautiful colours when popped. The goats were horrified when they saw their goatees and tails looked like rainbows. They kept scaring themselves when they looked behind. The colours weren’t natural.

This day Crazy Laurie had been locked away for a long time in his cave as he called it. The animals even the goats were getting worried about him. When he emerged he looked normal for him except he looked downcast. He didn’t even lock the door. He always locked the door. He didn’t even notice the animals. Something was very wrong.

When he’d gone into the house they decided to have a look at what he had been doing. They all crowded in but there were so many of them they knocked things over. Some of the things that landed on the floor looked and smelled so good. The horse and bear (When did he sneak in?) started to nibble the pellets on the bench. They were so tasty they couldn’t stop eating them. The dogs could just get their tongues up on the bench to also partake in the goodies. The goats found what looked like hay and started munching away. The rest of the animals except the cat found nibblies and started munching.

They were so busy eating they didn’t notice what was happening to them. Then they did notice. The dogs horse and bear noticed they were shrinking when they could no longer reach the bench. The goats were totally covered in colour. The toad and frog became friendly. The chickens became the size of the bear. That’s when Crazy Laurie came in.

The animals all froze and stared at him. He could not believe what he was looking at. The animals decided leaving was a good idea. Some like the horse and bear could easily run through his legs. They all ran out but when the first chicken tried to run though his legs it lifted him up onto its back. As they flew out the door with Crazy Laurie riding the chicken followed by the colourful goats the farm had taken on a totally different look. Where would it go from here?

by Tyler Davis-Babaravich

Tiny Peter and the plump brown chook

Peter woke up one morning in what he thought was a giant bed with giant pillows. He climbed down from it very carefully. It was like mountain climbing.
Downstairs the furniture was huge. In the kitchen his parents were enormous giants.
He must have shrunk. Oh no.
He went outside. The pot plants outside the back door were like trees. The parsley plant was a tropical jungle schrub.
Suddenly his beautiful pet dog Rover ambled up. Instead of being happy to see him, giant Rover bared his enormous teeth and growled.
Peter turned and ran. Rover chased.
Rover was too fast for Peters tiny legs. He ran into the chook pen. Rover followed, barking.
Peter, in his panic, leapt on to a plump brown hen. ‘Run Chooky, run’ he cried. And run she did.
They ran away to the very end of the garden and into the shed.
‘Now I am safe’ he thought. ‘But only for now. How am I going to get back to my normal size?’
The brown hen sat down on him and fluffed up her feathers. It was warm and comforting.
‘Perhaps I’ll stay here for now’ thought Peter, snuggling up in the feathers.

by Jackie Irwin

Adrian Kooistra goes skydiving

If you haven’t heard the news about Adrian Kooistra yet, I would be truly surprised. Perhaps you saw the news article in the Sunshine Coast Daily or saw a news item on TV and just didn’t connect the dots. Adrian is a member of EPICC Maleny and, recently, he successfully undertook one of his dream adventures.

At the end of 2016, Adrian wrote about his desire to skydive: “As a guy, I have a wild side … Why should I not go skydiving just because I am in a wheelchair? I want my part of a good life.” When Jackie heard this, she commented that “Adrian is a thrill seeker”. We were all in awe of Adrian and his desire to engage in skydiving. Some of the able-bodied members of the group identified that they would never want to sky dive. They labelled Adrian’s desire to skydive as ‘brave’. Others might think it ‘foolish’ given his disability. Adrian, however, is not one to let his disability hold him back from participating in anything.

The headline in the Sunshine Coast Daily ‘Disability proves no barrier to exhilarating dive’ (i.e. skydive) exemplifies this aspect of Adrian. Please go to and read the article for yourself, see the photos and view the video of Adrian skydiving.

Everyone in EPICC Maleny is thrilled for Adrian. We want to shout from the treetops: ‘Congratulations Adrian for your tenacity and courage in undertaking this adventure. We look forward to hearing about your next one.’

My Skydiving Adventure
By Adrian Kooistra

Last Sunday I woke up with the knowledge that ‘today my dream will become reality’. I was beyond excited, but equally terrified. I had a mad smile permanently fixed on my face and I’m sure there was a visible manic glint in my eyes. This was nothing in comparison to my poor mum’s panic, and my brother, Brett’s excitement. He would be diving with me. Us boys were keen. As I was being strapped up in the harness, my heart was racing and fluttering, stomach somersaulting and my brain conjuring up some truly ridiculous scenarios. Waiting for the flight was the longest hour of my life. I just wanted to get up there. When it was finally time to take off, I said a quite ‘bye, mum, I might see you on the ground if neither of us die of fright’ and we were off.

Up and up and up we flew. Brett babbling away the whole time and Wayne (my instructor) speaking encouraging calm words of support. They asked me one last time if I was positive I wanted to jump and I just about burst trying to clearly express “HELL YES!” We stood on the edge preparing to jump and it occurred to me, we may all be insane jumping from a perfectly fine plane. Oh well, embrace the insanity!

Falling! or rather tumbling! Oh Shit! Terror gripped my heart as we somersaulted through the air not able to differentiate up from down. Then Wayne orientated us and we were plummeting staggeringly fast toward the ground. What a rush! I felt for the first time true freedom and, in that moment, I didn’t really care if my parachute opened or not. I felt as if I were flying and I wished I were a bird, so I could experience that sensation for the rest of my life. Suddenly, we were flung to a slower speed as the parachute opened, but with a twist. We dropped once more. Stopped. Dropped again, then finally Wayne gave a tug and we slowed again. Thumbs up, we are all good. Spiralling back to the Earth now much more evenly, I saw the crowd gathered below, took in the stunning scenery and my heart burst with joy. I’d done it!

Landing was nerve wracking as I could tell as we descended that the catchers were going to struggle to catch my legs. I felt Wayne tip backwards and scoop my legs up with his own. Impact …. No pain …. Phew! Safe, exhausted and proud as punch! Voices surrounding me. Congratulating me. Strong arms lifting me into my chair, but, all I really wanted was a strong drink.

Dream now realised, I felt a little sad. It was over, but then I realised I can just do it again!

Adrian in the sky dive

Adrian skydiving prep

Tyler Davis-Babaravich

When I first heard about Adrian wanting to skydive, I got excited for him and for all of us. It sounded like a great idea. I didn’t think I’d be able to go watch. I was lucky that Dad was happy to take me. There were so many people there to watch Adrian. Even the news people came. The sun was hot. The crowd was excited. The wait was long. Then someone said ‘There they are’. It took a long time for me to see him. He was almost landing by then. The crowd went wild as he touched down safely. I was able to go over to him and congratulate him. We hung around for a bit because it was an incredible experience for all of us. Adrian was so pumped. It was an honour to be a part of his experience. I don’t know if I want to do it, but Adrian inspired me in general to look at my limitations and see how real they are. Well done, Adrian.

Adrian the Thrill Seeker
By Jackie Irwin

Adrian Kooistra is a good friend of mine. Last weekend he did something he had wanted to do for ages. He did a tandem skydive. He did it down on the Sunshine Coast at Coolum Beach. I can only imagine how much adrenaline he must have had coursing through his body. Personally, I wouldn’t like to leap from a plane. I prefer different challenges. But if Adrian wanted to challenge himself, he certainly picked a very extreme way to do it. Well done my friend.

Reflections on 2016

2016 was the first year that EPICC Maleny operated. The program was different to anything else offered for people with disabilities. It had an educational and creative focus. The program was formed in response to participants’ desires, interests and needs. Friendships developed as creative writing and music making competencies were inspired and built. Dramatic pursuits were pursued. Instruments were bought and played. Dancing to music and song writing were explored. Preferences were identified.

Creative writing began with everyone exploring their senses and how authors use senses in their writing. How to write great first lines was identified as an issue so we investigated how to write sizzling starts that would hook readers. Our experimentations in this area resulted in much more interesting narratives being produced. We learnt about the use of rhyming patterns in poetry. We wrote free form and rhyming poems. Memoirs were created with each person using their own framing of their life experiences. Short story writing was a popular choice later in the year. Examining how authors plan and structure their short stories was useful in guiding us in producing some great written works. Selected samples of our creative writing were compiled into a book which is available for purchase from The book is available in soft cover and e-book formats.

Alice Owen came and worked with us on a movement-dance program. Spatial exploration and the use of various props got everyone in the mood for investigating dance further. Erin was particularly in enamoured with ballet, while Sammy liked to do line dances. Laurie became Erin’s regular partner in ballet performances. Ballet videos were watched and the use of feet and hands and body positions were noted and practised. Lori and Erin joined Sammy in line dancing. Jackie and Tyler got involved in dancing too. Jackie loved Erin’s ballet shoes and got some of her own.








Tyler dancing with Barb

An interest in play writing and performing was expressed early in the year. Writing short stories and acting them out in full costume became part of the program. Sound effects and music were added to support the dramatic experiences.








Music time also involved experimenting with a range of musical instruments which were able to purchase because we received a gambling fund grant. Sammy found she had a natural propensity for playing drums. She also liked to try out other instruments. Erin preferred to watch others playing instruments, but was open to challenges. Her greatest achievement was playing seven drums during a song. Jackie loved playing the piano. Tyler tried out different instruments. The rain stick is one of her favourites. She also likes playing the drums and trying to play the piano. Michael creates the most amazing songs on the piano and experimented with playing the guitar.















Erin and Sammy participated in the ‘Say Yes to Family Peace’ art project. They enjoyed looking at other people’s contributions each week and doing some painting themselves. Erin also found mixing paint colours and interesting experience.




Many thanks go to Apex Maleny, Rotary Maleny and Quota for their generous sponsorship donations. These monies made it possible to keep the costs at a reasonable level and for EPICC Maleny to operate for the full year.

Movie and Music: Progressive Dinner Style

Our regular space for EPICC days was not available this week so we had a progressive dinner style of day. We started the day at Sunstone Gardens community centre. What a fabulous space this is! We were all impressed with their facilities, particularly the small cinema in which we watched the movie Inside Out. The only thing missing was the snacks to eat while watching the movie. In organising the event, these were totally forgotten.

The movie was enjoyed by all: young and old. This event could not have happened without the support of Sunstone Gardens management, Veronika Marinos and Phil the DVD man. EPICC participants had written words of thanks to you all.

Thank you for letting us watch a movie called Inside Out in the movie theatre and thank you for letting us have our morning tea and lunch here. We would love to come back again soon. Thank you very much Phil and  the manager of Sunstone Garden for letting us watch movies here today.


I want to thank you, Sunstone Gardens and to you, Veronika, for letting us use the movie theatre. I especially want to thank Phil for putting the movie on for us to watch. Without him, we wouldn’t be able to watch it. Thanks, Phil!


To Sunstone, Phil and Veronica  Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness you have exhibited in allowing us to use your facilities to watch a movie in total comfort. We were met with total acceptance by Phil and he showed genuine care going above what was necessary to ensure our comfort. Once again, thank you. And thank you Veronica for diligently organising the morning.

So appreciated Adrian

I want to thank the management of Sunstone Gardens for allowing EPICC participants to use the movie theatre. Special thanks to Phil for working the theatre.


After watching the movie, EPICC participants discussed the movie and their opinions of it. Subsequently, they wrote a review of Inside Out.

Michael’s Review

Inside Out is about a young girl named, Reilly, and what she went through when her family moved to San Francisco. But here’s the twist: It is from the emotions’ perspective – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. These five emotions help Reilly make decisions as she adapts to a new life. When something went wrong in Headquarters, where the emotions live, Joy and Sadness were sucked out of Headquarters and into Long Term Memory. Now, they must get back to Headquarters before Reilly makes the wrong decision.

Full of fun and craziness, I believe all families will enjoy this movie because they can have fun along with the kids.

Sammy’s Review

Inside Out is a movie about a girl who has a family, a mum and dad and a house, who moves away to a new home in San Francisco. Joy, sadness, angry, fear and disgust were the emotions in the girl’s head.

Some of my COMPASS friends would like this movie. It was very funny and interesting.

I really like the movie, Inside Out. The movie felt about the same as about my feelings in my head and in my life.


Adrian’s Review

This movie is suitable for anyone and everyone.  It explores the complexity of human emotions and each of their roles and their necessity to have a well rounded emotional intelligence. While the story revolves around an 11 year old girl named Riley, learning the difficulties of adapting to moving away to a new town with new school teachers, peers, a new house and a less present father than before, adult viewers can identify with the emotions on a higher level and understanding particularly I think with the feeling of loneliness and inevitably the lack of emotion totally. The film personifies the emotions of joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear and explores their experiences of learning to embrace the importance of each of their roles in achieving to support Riley. This film is creative, funny and clever, but also rings true to the human experience and tugs on your heartstrings and sense of childhood nostalgia. For Inside Out, I have given four out of five only because of a few minor plot holes when you really delve into it.


Jackie’s Review

This movie Inside Out is suitable for young people interested in young people and their feelings. I enjoyed watching this movie because it was informative and funny.
This movie tells the story of Reilly.
Her family moves to a new town.
I would rate it 5 out of 5.