The Program

Our first program runs on Fridays at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre.
The Showcase page gives an idea of the first year creative achievements.
The cost is $50 per session paid in terms (around 10 weeks).
If this cost is a problem please contact us regarding the possibility of sourcing sponsorship.

These sessions are being led by Debbie Rossow and will focus on
Creative Writing Skills including:

  • Understanding and experimenting with literary techniques
  • Building strategies and skills
  • Writing different types of texts
  • Learning from reading what other writers/authors have written
  • Exploring your senses as stimulus to writing

Debbie will be joined by Laurie Elshaug. Laurie specializes in helping people express themselves creatively through music and songwriting.

The Music element of the program will incorporate:

  • instrument playing
  • composition
  • group singing
  • exploration of sound and rhythm
  • dance
  • rhythmical improvisation